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FREE Heartworm and Tick-Borne Disease Testing May through June!

Over the years we have seen a rise in positive case of Heartworm disease and tick-borne diseases such as Lyme and Ehrlichiosis. Gone are the days where in our beach side community, such disease were highly uncommon to plague our pets. Our dogs and cats are now integral family members, many times traveling with us to different cities and far-flung states. Or when we leave town, they stay in a boarding kennel, meeting dogs from various neighborhoods and travel histories themselves. With administration of infrequent preventative medication these bugs (mosquitos, fleas, ticks, etc.) are allowed to take a bite or two out of our pets and sometime out of us too!

In 2016 ONE in every 146 dogs tested positive for Lyme disease in Orange County. That's the one that affects humans too. Also ONE out of every 134 dogs tested positive for Heartworm in Orange County. If caught early, the treatment options are expensive to rid the heartworms…so much more than the cost of a chew tab given monthly. If detected much more progressed, there is no viable treatment. Worms grow and multiply within your dog's heart leading inevitably to death.

Parasite Prevalence Map for Orange County

With the desire to help our community be healthier and disease free, we are offering FREE testing for a limited time with the purchase of a 6 or 12 month supply of a flea AND heartworm preventative. To be more proactive with maintaining the health of our patients, our hospital standard will be annual heartworm & tick-borne disease testing. Starting in July our hospital policy will require annual testing for the prescription refill of heartworm preventative medications such as Trifexis, Heartgard Plus, Revolution for Dogs, and other like products.
Does all of this seem a bit overwhelming? Our staff is available to discuss preventative medications as well as what's happening in our community to warrant such vigilance.

A simple blood draw, a 6 dose minimum purchase of Trifexis and peace of mind.

*Take advantage of this limited time offer to get a FREE test valued at $45.
*Take advantage of purchase rebates from $15 to $50…that's up to $95 of total savings! AND you will be saving your dog's heart from contracting a disease so easy and simple to prevent.
*Promotional period ends Friday June 30th, 2017.

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