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Integrative Medicine, Acupuncture and Laser Therapy

Hello everyone! I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you all something that I’ve been working on and we now offer at Mariner’s Mile Pet Clinic… Integrative Medicine and Acupuncture!!!

With all of our traditional medical therapies and surgical options, acupuncture and herbal therapy are a great additional and alternative option for many types of ailments. In particular mobility issues can be greatly improved with acupuncture and laser treatments.

In Chinese medicine, disease is indicative of stagnation or stasis. Everything is interconnected; the aim is to help the body heal itself, or in eastern medicine terminology, improve the body’s Qi (chi).

Let me tell you a little more by illustration of a case we had here at Mariner’s Mile. We had a patient that I have a soft spot for due to her amazing owners and that she shares my first name, little Molly.

Molly, a 4 year old Maltese, came in to see us in February after running around in her backyard and acutely severely hurting her back. She had an acute collapsed disc (or IVDD) and her back legs were not working neurologically; in short she was partially paralyzed. The disc is the cushion that exists between the bones of the spine and when it collapses, it presses painfully against the spinal cord affecting all neurological function. Molly could walk, but was dragging her back legs as her spine could not transmit the proper signals.

We discussed a neurological referral with decompressive surgery, but for Molly, surgery was not an option. So what do you do with a dog with neurological mobility issues, and a compressed disc with no surgical options? ACUPUNCTURE!

The plan for Molly was to start her on anti-inflammatories to reduce spinal inflammation, muscle relaxers, and pain medications. She was placed on strict rest for 2 weeks and started on an acupuncture regimen with laser treatments. Here at Mariners, we use a hot laser topically to help reduce pain and local inflammation. It’s a wonderful therapeutic for joint pain, back pain, intestinal pain, asthma and breathing issues, and for post-operative pain locally on any incision.

Molly’s acupuncture plan was to stimulate her spine from the head to the tail to reduce inflammation, increase local blood flow, and return her to normal neurological function by healing her Qi. A low intensity and low to high frequency electrical pulse was applied to certain acupuncture points to deepen the effect of the needles and help Molly’s body heal itself. Laser therapy was used locally in addition at the site of the most extreme pain.

After the first treatments and with her medications on board, Molly starting eating again, wagging her tail and her pain was relieved. After the second treatments, she was using her back legs more but still ataxic (uncoordinated) while walking a few steps. Every day we watched her get better and better! And finally after her third treatments and over a week of rest and medications, she wanted to run again! It was an amazing recovery with the sweetest happiest little dog. Her owners saw videos daily of her improvement and were thrilled with the response her body had to the acupuncture treatment. After a few weeks, she went home, continued on her rest and medications and returned for her recheck 1 month after the original injury with totally normal neurological function.

Her parents and our staff here at Mariner’s Mile were so happy to employ acupuncture treatment and laser as many patients in her condition never recover fully without surgery; little Molly is a survivor!

In summary, our ability to use integrative medicine and a non-invasive non-surgical approach was vital to Molly’s recovery. She continues to do well and is running around in the backyard with her family once again.

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